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Houston based, Texas Company that has served the
Foodservice Industry for almost 50 Years…


Herbs & Spices

With over 3000+ Varieties of Herbs & Spices Blends – Custom Blends, Tailored Packaging, Formulations, Product Development, Portion Control, and Small Batch Production Runs. We are a proven spices packing solution.

Spice Blend Packing

Peppercorn Blend

Mustard Seed - Yellow




Oregano - Ground

Black Peppercorn

Jalapeno Powder

Juniper Berries

Tarragon Leaves


Poppy Seed

Annatto Seed - Whole

Basil Leaves - Ground

Bay Leaves

Cinnamon Stick

Herbs De Provence

Cloves - Whole

Chinese Anise Star

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